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  • các trang cá cược mỹ uy tín
  • các trang cá cược mỹ uy tín
  • các trang cá cược mỹ uy tín

Receipt and settlement of complaints

About the Company:

Thanh Thinh Chemical Co., Ltd is now becoming more and more famous and familiar in the chemical market thanks to its high quality products and enthusiastic and dynamic young staff.

Our business motto is completely different: Business is not only for profit, but also for many other important values ​​in life for customers, for community and contributions to society.

We always try to create a corporate culture based on two key factors: professional ethics and professionalism in customer service. We use our expertise to overcome difficulties and obstacles, use our dedication and enthusiasm to meet the needs of our customers, use sincerity to build trust, use assurance of the right to rule. customer's as the criterion of service provision.

các trang cá cược mỹ uy tín

As a result, we have built the most trusted brand in our industry.

Professional passion drives us to create the best products and services instead of fancy promises. We believe that these valuable values ​​are the foundation for the existence and long-term development of Thanh Thinh.

Business areas:

Specializing in the business of chemicals and raw materials used: production of veterinary drugs for aquatic products, aquaculture and seafood processing, raw materials for animal feed production.

Trading chemicals for: Environmental treatment, water treatment and fertilizer production.

Trading in chemicals and solvents for the industry: production of paints, glues, printing inks, printing of plastic packaging, artificial leather, footwear and production of plant protection drugs......

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